Spirit Agency

Spirit Agency is established on your  behalf to help you discover America. We offer you an international exchange high school program and the Work and Travel USA program, where you will meet new friends from other countries, have fun, better acquaint yourselves with the American culture and where you will undoubtedly have an unforgettable summer experience. Do you want to visit America? Spirit agency is here for you and will help to guide you to this new world.

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Spirit Agency offers you the Work and Travel USA Program, which is highly desired by university students. The maximum length of the program is 4 months plus one month to travel throughout America. While in the USA, you will have the opportunity to earn money, meet new friends, have fun and discover America. With the Work and Travel Program USA., you have two options.

The first option is to self arrange , which is of great interest to many students as the program cost is relatively low. The student finds his or her own work along with a place to reside while Spirit Agency takes care of the student's documentation, which is essential to obtain a visa at the American Embassy. The self arrange program is beneficial for students returning to the program for the second and third time and who are able to find work contract on their own without the help of Spirit Agency. Every first-time student is welcome to this program as well, as long as he or she is able to find a work contract on his or her own. Spirit Agency will be more than happy to help any of these students file the proper documentation.

The registration fee is in the amount of 1,000 SK, which is non-refundable.

The fee for the self arrange program starts at $400, which includes the following: 

  • Consultation about filing the proper documentation
  • Providing a database password, which the students can check the status of their form DS20-19
  • The ability to fill out the application in the Spirit Agency office
  • DS20-19 documentation forms
  • The Social Security letter

The second option for the Work and Travel U.S.A. program is to help arrange , which is more convenient for students who have decided to come to America for the first time. Spirit Agency has prepared all the work-related contracts, along with the housing arrangements, that will help the students their first few days in the U.S.A. It is up to the student which state he wishes to visit and the job he or she wishes to have. The Work and Travel Program U.S.A. fills up rather quickly each year as the number of positions is limited. Spirit Agency had determined the number of students that it will work with for the summer of 2005 in order make the application process of the highest quality.